Triumph Herald Triumph Herald

Registration: 725 HKE

Details: Triumph Herald Saloon

Source: Mark Malloy

Info: My first car was a Triumph Herald red and white saloon reg no.725 HKE bought in late 1959 or 1960 from Richardsons in Bexleyheath for about £700-750. I was living in Wilmington Kent at the time. It was one of the first off the production line

It was a real eye catcher. I had waited eagerly for it to arrive and although I wanted a blue and white livery I had to make do with the red and white version as they were still in such short supply. I became very much a proud owner of an avant garde vehicle. I had only just learned to drive with a 100E Ford Anglia and the difference in performance was so great I had to be careful with it at first to keep my speed in check.

It had some great points, particularly it's small turning circle using rack and pinion steering which made parking so easy, it's stubby gear lever, it's sporty feel and of course the fuel reserve acheived by turning the outlet pipe to reach the bottom of the fuel tank but there were several design faults I discovered. The first being that grit and dirt was washed down the rear swing axles into the wheel bearings and I had to have the bearings replaced under warranty at Park Royal. I believe they modified the design to prevent this happening.

By far the most serious fault was that although the entire bonnet lifted up enabling full access to the engine on it's chassis, the structure was too large and flimsy and thus the slightest knock at the front of the car meant the the bonnet never fitted properly again by means of it's catches.

Later in 1960 as far as I recollect I was provided with a company car, a Ford Consul 375 and the Herald stood out in the garden. A core plug blew out over the winter. In the spring I sold it.

I have not seen the car since but understand it was seen by others several years later.



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