triumph herald
triumph herald
triumph herald
triumph herald
Additional Information: Is this a Coupe or Convertible?
triumph herald

Registration: FM 0847

Body Number :

Model: Triumph Herald Saloon

Commission Number:

Build Date :

Engine Number :

Colour : Signal Red

Source: Ebay Australia

Date: December 2007

This car is sporting a soft top, but also has a none standard roll bar fitted so things may not be as they seem.
A separate image clearly shows the three white dials of a convertible, coupe or twin carb saloon.
The windows are curved, which rules out the saloon so the car is probably either a convertible or coupe. Due to the none standard roll bar, and an odd hood we think this car may be a coupe with the roof removed. Hence we have added it to our total of coupes remaining.
Frustratingly the seller hasn't come back with any other information regarding the car.

triumph herald
triumph herald triumph herald coupe
triumph herald
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triumph herald
triumph herald

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