triumph herald
triumph herald
triumph herald
triumph herald
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triumph herald

Registration: 310 XUY - was 1120HP

Body Number :

Model: Triumph Herald Coupe

Commission Number: Y7369

Build Date :
Reg Date: 25 03 1960

Engine Number : Y8152E

Colour : Coffee and White

Source: Supplied

Date: October 2007

I own this smooth roof coupe, coffee and cream and used to have a 948 saloon, GDV 824, originally supplied by the factory as a special order in black with red and white interior.

UPDATE: December 2012
Sadly this car has now lost its numberplate registered as 310 XUY. Currently available for sale by a dealer for price too high for the car, which is starting to look a little sad and needs a lot of work to bring it back. Lots of bits and pieces missing on the car. For instance, the car has a 948 saloon dashboard and large saloon clock. An original coupe dashboard and clocks would be a difficult find! I'm sure if the vendor puts on a more realistic price the car would sell. We'll keep you posted!

Not sure what is happening with the front of the car!!

triumph herald
triumph herald triumph herald coupe
triumph herald
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triumph herald
triumph herald

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