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Canley Triumph Works (part 2)

The maps below show part of the Triumph Canley site. Use the forward and back buttons below to change the timeframe. The images themselves are approximately the same size, although some show more than others.
Image 1 is dated circa 1970, you can see the Assembly Hall, Railway and A45. The second image circa 2000 sees the Triumph buildings demolished, with a new building replacing the Assembly Hall and the A45 front buildings (including Ivy Cottage) gone and the area bare. The next 2 images are from today, the first a full aerial view and the second showing a key. The last image reverts back to the aerial shot of today, with an overlay of the original Triumph buildings.

If you worked at the Triumph Canley site and can confirm any of the buildings functions, we'd love to hear from you.

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