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No Reference
Arrgh, so frustrating - cars with no ID from photos, no registration, no Commission number, nothing, zilch, zip. These cars aren't in our 'Spotted' section either. Can you help ID any of the cars?

Red Aus .....Saloon

Aus Coffee and White Saloon... Early car

Dutch Coupe Clone

London Scene 1960

Wemyss Pier Coupe 1960

Tavistock Period Herald

Viva Las Vegas Coupe

Somerset S

Canada Brown Coupe
(Positive ID Y18757L)

Powder Blue Convertible
Period Photo

Solid Red Coupe Period Photo

USA Yellow Convertible

UK Period film:
Weekend with Lulu Saloon
Weekend with Lulu Coupe

US Convertible Targo Purple

Hayle Herald - Monaco Blue (UK)

Iran Herald

Canadian Coupe 1

Canadian Coupe 2

Canadian Coupe - Black and Brown

Two Bonnet Handles Coupe

Unknown white Coupe in Arizon Desert

Australian Parts Coupe

Brown Coupe in Canada

Green 1959 Belgian Saloon

Powder Blue Coupe in US Breakers Yard

Period Colour Photo - Coupe. Alpine Mauve

Canada Coupe

Canada Coupe (2)

Cambridge Coupe

New Zealand red and white Coupe

UK Number 8 Saloon

Coventry Herald S

Unknown Period Coupe Plymouth UK

Unknown Australian Coupe - (Minus Roof)

Unknown Powder Blue Convertible in Finland

Unknown Australian Red Coupe

Unknown USA Coupe Powder Blue

Unknown Australian Saloon

Coffee Coupe - Junkyard


Burnt out Coupe, Australia

51 Special Saloon

Philip Island 1962

Unknown Coupe US

Period Herald S

Unknown USA Powder Blue and White wreck

Black US Early Coupe

Australia Coupe ref Rowan Burns

Period Coffee Coupe

Period Durham Coupe

Mr Reliable Red Convertible

Unknown AUS Gumtree Coupe 1

Unknown AUS Gumtree Coupe 2

Unknown AUS Gumtree Coupe 3

UK Signal Red Saloon

UK 1959 Saloon

UK Saloon at Garage

UK very poor condition. Exists - just!

No numberplate, Period Pic

Pale Yellow US Coupe

Australia Auction Powder Blue

If you know of a car that can add to this list; existing or long since gone, email us with a reference and we shall add it on. With your help we can make the database grow.

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